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The great thing about an Ian Kings pledge loan is that it is so simple.

Bring us your goods of value along with suitable identification and very quickly you will be on your way, cash in hand.

There are NO credit checks. A bad credit history is not a consideration. The value of your goods pledged is the most important criteria.

Your goods will be securely held for a minimum of 3 months, protected by our state of the art security system and ready for you to collect on repayment of your loan principle and the applicable interest. ( Of course you may redeem your loan as soon as you wish )

If you feel you will not be able to settle the loan within the 3 months, simply contact us or just come in to arrange payment of an extension fee to extend the term of the loan. You can extend your loan as many times as you wish. We are always happy to discuss your situation and make flexible arrangements to make your loan repayment as easy as possible.

Identification. An Australian driver’s license with your current address is all that is required . If you don’t have a driver’s license a combination of three other documents will do. Jointly they must show your name and current address, date of birth and signature. At least one must be a government document.

Goods to Pledge. The vast majority of loans these days are pledged against jewellery . But that’s not to say we don’t accept many other items. Late model electronics including mobile phones and ipods, gaming consoles and genuine antiques. We will consider virtually anything of value that is in good condition and portable.

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